Are You a Brewhead? Nuevo tema dedicado a la cerveza artesanal

22 de septiembre, 2014

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Canciones inspiradas en cerveza hay cientos. Pero si algo tienen en común, es que hablan de tomar mucho, fiestas, embriagarse o pasar las penas. Ninguna habla de la calidad de la cerveza, ni menos de la cerveza artesanal.

Con esto en consideración, el hiphopero canadiense Cee, realizó lo que él llamael primer tema dedicado 100% a la cerveza artesanal”. Maestros cerveceros y reales fanáticos de la cerveza artesanal se sentirán identificados con las letras y las escenas del video. Con frases (traducidas) como:

“Levadura, lúpulo, agua y cebada, todo lo que necesitamos. Elige tu vaso, esto no es un juego hermano”, o “la mejor es la doble IPA, los verdaderos cerveceros saben, barley wine, dunkel, bock o trapense, la educación es un real indicador de un brewhead”.

Para entender un poco más la canción, al final del video va la letra. La canción comienza al segundo 55.

[Intro: Cee] Yeah, this one right here,
It’s for my real beer fanatics, Cheers!

[Verse 1:] This is for my real BrewHeads, keep a growler in the cellar,
Who never caught dead with a macro when they head out,
Who be sleeping at the liquor store, really though,
Homie coz somebody finna get it if the Westvleteren sell out,
And when The Alchemist shut down, you shed a tear,
But they’ll be back, the Heady Topper ain’t dipping yet,
And nothing make my day more, when Cee yell,
UPS is knocking at the door like ‘Beer mail!’
And this a gift from the gods,
The amber nectar, with a reverence reserved for the lords,
This something special that we dealing with, except for the laws,
So either way, we finna pour it up, I’m sippin’ with y’all,
And this is craft, we don’t get turnt, no sir, this the real thing here,
Yeast, hops, water, malt, everything you need here,
Pick your glassware, this ain’t a game man,
From Montreal to Melbourne City, hear ‘em sayin’

[Hook:] Are you a BrewHead?
I’m a BrewHead!
Are you a BrewHead?
I’m a BrewHead!
Y’all are BrewHeads?
Yeah we BrewHeads
So pour a glass of craft beer, we can do this
Are you a BrewHead?
I’m a BrewHead!
Are you a BrewHead?
I’m a BrewHead!
Y’all are BrewHeads?
Yeah we BrewHeads
So pour a glass of craft beer, we can do this

[Verse 2:] Ok, if you a real BrewHead, you finna understand,
There’s more to know about the beer that’s going in your can,
With hella styles available year round,
Ain’t a reason not to be particular on what you drinking, now,
Summer Saison, shouts to all the Belgian farmers,
Who quench the thirst of all the workers hustling the harvest,
And a cloudy witbier be the shit here,
A hefeweizen or a lager do the trick, yeah,
And everybody love the fall for pumpkin,
An amber with enough of that cinnamon and nutmeg,
And as the mood is getting colder in the winter,
Find me sipping on a porter with the cherry and vanilla,
Uh, an oatmeal stout, a nut brown imperial,
The illest is the double IPA, the real heads all know,
A Barleywine, Dunkel bock or a Trappist ale,
Education is the real indicator of a

[Hook] [Verse 3:] Homie I’m a real BrewHead, y’all been knew this,
I’m a few brews in but I still don’t know shit,
It’s an art and a science, the heart with the mind,
And I done drank beer so good, applause is required,
So I get down with a mash tun, home made,
My own recipe, no extract, all grain,
With 2 row malt crystal, hand milled,
17 pounds so simple, and still,
The hops is key, we ramping up this thing a bit,
We dry hopping so we amping up the bitterness,
With some Millennium, Amarillo and Cascade,
We got Centennial, Fuggles, Golding and Saaz mayne,
It’s craft beer (yup), never no exclusive thing,
I’ve never seen a community so inclusive kid,
Every microbrew that I might go through,
This a salute to the brewers doing right if you a


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